WIM USA Welcomes Turner Mining Group

Turner Mining Group becomes our newest Bronze Corporate Member!

“Embracing diverse perspectives and experiences leads to better outcomes for our clients and the industry as a whole, aligning with our mission to make life better for the mining industry. That’s why we’re excited to join Women In Mining!
Joining WIM gives us a great opportunity to learn from the experiences of other successful women in mining and gain insights into how we can create a more inclusive culture at Turner Mining Group.
Turner Mining Group

We invite you to join us in celebrating this historic partnership and visit our Corporate Membership page for additional information on how to sign up.

By working together with WIM and mining associations all across the country, we can create a more inclusive and supportive environment for women in mining – ultimately leading to increased innovation, creativity, and profitability for our industry as a whole.”
– Sarah D’Amico, Marketing Manager at Turner Mining Group
The WIM USA Corporate Membership Program supports companies in many ways.

  • Affiliation with WIM USA, and/or chapter of choice
  • Grow diversity & inclusion journey
  • Ongoing professional development support
  • Exposure for corporate employees to current topics
  • Increased visibility and event opportunities
  • Visible commitment by corporate to develop staff
  • Participation by corporate managers, mentors, C-suite
  • Designated corporate representative with future participation on WIM USA advisory board

In addition, corporate members will have access to the WIM online platform and educational and development materials; as well as the opportunity to expand their network to both the national and international WIM Community.

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