WIM USA Mentor Network

Empowering and advancing the next generation of mining professionals.

The WIM USA Mentor Network aims to empower and elevate members by bridging the gender gap in the mining industry. We connect aspiring professionals with experienced mentors across various mining disciplines. Join us in this pioneering effort to promote progress and empowerment for women and under-represented groups in the sector.

Inspiring and Empowering the Next Generation of Women In Mining

WIM USA Mentorship Network

Our Mentor Network endeavors to empower the next generation with guidance, support, and knowledge sharing to foster diversity, inclusion, and representation. Through meaningful connections and the cultivation of leadership skills, we aim to reshape the industry for a more equitable and prosperous future.

Participants will benefit from personalized mentor relationships with experienced professionals who generously share their expertise. By promoting collaboration and knowledge exchange, we address the gender imbalance and accelerate the professional growth of women in mining. Together, we can create an environment that embraces diversity and empowers all to thrive.

Please note:
If you are interested in both roles, please sign up as a mentor. You will be able to accept bookings from mentees, as well as schedule mentoring sessions with other mentors.

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