WIM USA Alliances

We’re Better Together!

WIM USA is proud to have Strategic Partners in the form of Alliances. The Alliance is an arrangement between WIM USA and another organization, for the mutual benefit of both organizations. The Alliance Partnership is set up to benefit all members and focused on core values of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Typically, the Alliance "agreement" is in the form of a memorandum or understanding, and does not include an exchange of money. The collaborative efforts are aligned with both organizations' missions, or objectives. Alliance agreements are a two-plus year commitment and benefits all members. Each Alliance organization may have two individuals WIM memberships and provide representation to WIM USA's Advisory Council.

To date, WIM USA has had several successful Alliances that include:

Benefits of WIM USA Alliance agreements include: increased visibility and event opportunities, access to member-only content (job board, bylaws, meeting notes, chapter leadership, etc.), designated representatives with future participation on the WIM USA Advisory Board, and promotion of your partnership on all WIM USA digital media.

In addition, All Alliances receive Annual Conference Benefits: 15% discount on conference registration, advance preview of conference content, early access to sponsorship opportunities, and an invitation to speak at and/or sponsor the reception.

If your organization would like to explore an Alliance opportunity with WIM USA, please contact membership@womeninmining.us.

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