WIM CA Thanks Alejandra Vargas Silva for Service to Mineral Resource Education

WIM California Thanks CEMEX’s Alejandra Vargas Silva for Service to Mineral Resource Education

Alejandra Vargas Silva appreciation lunch
From left to right: Christine Jones – Cemex, Linda Helberg – ParaEducator, Julia Pizarro – Cemex, Alejandra Vargas-Silva – Cemex, Adriana Madrigal – Cemex, Amber Bishop – Cemex, Alison Everhart – CalPortland, and Suzanne Seivright-Sutherland – CalCIMA

After several years as an adept and dutiful volunteer to WIM-CA, Alejandra Vargas Silva from Cemex recently relocated to Texas to pursue a new position at Cemex. WIM-CA appreciated the opportunity to celebrate Alejandra’s professional advancement and thank her for her tremendous support of WIM-CA over lunch this past November at one of her favorite restaurant’s, Mama Carpino’s in Apple Valley.

Alejandra Vargas Silva worked as an Environmental Manager at the Cemex – Victorville Cement Plant in which she was responsible for ensuring and demonstrating federal, state and local compliance with air, soil, water and waste regulations for the Victorville cement plant, in addition to an admix facility and seven cement terminals throughout California. She had been at Victorville for eight years. She has a BS in Environmental Engineering, and she also is a CSU-Fullerton alumni where she received her MS in Environmental Studies and Technology. She has held positions in diverse industries through her career such as oil and gas, aluminum manufacturing, wastewater design, and the Ministry of Environmental and Natural Resources in Venezuela.  She enjoys community outreach; from volunteering time to teach about mining and environmental compliance to gathering goodies for families in need during the holidays. 

WIM-CA wishes her the best in her new home and position, she will be sorely missed!

WIM California is a co-ed, non-profit organization focused on public education on aspects of the mineral resource industry.
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