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Please vote for your 2020 officers by March 27th by following this link to the Election Slate.

Quarterly Newsletter

In our inaugural year, WIM AZ grew from a handful of dedicated founders to over 180 members today. The enthusiasm and encouragement we have received from members and industry partners has been overwhelming. In 2020 we will continue with hosting quarterly events and participating in community outreach. In addition, we will be offering scholarships and working to provide more opportunities for members to get involved. As we continue to grow, we hope that you will invite your coworkers and friends to events and to become members.

Letter of the President

When a woman advances, we all move forward! Thank you to all our officers, members and advocates, it has been an amazing and rewarding first year as WIM Arizona chapter!

We are driven, empowered and elevated by the growth of all of us. Increasing female participation in mining is one of our main objectives. We are advancing with clear goals and concrete measures, which together allows us to accelerate change at a steady pace.

In 2019, we recruited an amazing team, had strong industry support and enlisted over 180 members from every corner of the state. Thank You to our Platinum Sponsor, Freeport-McMoRan, who made all of our events and activities possible financially.

I am so grateful for our WIM AZ founding officers: Kylie Boyce, Liz Diaz and Melanie Lawson, and to our the officers who joined us when the chapter was established: Monica Salguero, Isabel Barton, Alyson Cartwright, Larissa Gounden, Suzanne Anderson, Radha KC, Stefanie Orihuela, Molly Radwany, Julia Potter, Sarah Cox, Sarah McCraren, Christy Osborn and Veronica Cordova, and later on an amazing team of professionals who are incoming officers for this 2020/2021 WIM AZ chapter committee.

I had the great honor to preside over this chapter for the past two years. We are passionate and committed to creating a support system and a place where all women in the industry have their voice heard, share experiences and grow!

Personally, the ongoing success of the WIM AZ chapter is a dream come true, and something I did not believe was possible over 15 years ago, as a mining engineering student in Peru. I am very grateful for my background and roots. As the Granddaughter of hardworking farmers in the Andean mountains of Peru, and the daughter of parents who immigrated to the capital of Peru to provide their children and future generations better opportunities, they showed me everything was possible with passion, commitment and perseverance.

I have been privileged to obtain an education and pursue a career in the trenches, in the mining industry of South America, which was mostly a male-dominated environment. The traditional culture embraced a lot of stereotypes about gender roles in society and life. It was there, in the Andes of Peru, as an underground mine operations intern, where my passion, vision and commitment to break stereotypes in the industry and build a better work environment for female mine engineers and related fields in mining began. There were a lot of inappropriate behaviors at the workplace that were normalized and that I learned to overcome, until one day I realized their behaviors were unjust. I decided to push for change
and become an advocate for women in the mining industry.

Today, all of our decisions and actions will pave the way for the next generations of women in mining. It is my burning desire to work with you to make a real change in the industry and society. This change starts with small conversations, acknowledging and addressing micro aggressions, mansplaining, etc. and recruiting allies that help us change the work environment from their perspective and positions.

Thank you, WIM AZ, for letting me serve as your president for the last two years, since we started this amazing organization. Being part of WIM AZ has given me a platform to reconnect with colleagues and friends from every part of the industry, to make a positive impact in the industry, and empower women in mining. I am forever grateful for the opportunity.

I welcome the 2020/2021 WIM AZ chapter committee with open arms, which will be presided by Julia Potter, an amazing colleague, professional and friend who will carry on with the chapter’s projects along with the other officers. I will support the chapter as a WIM AZ national representative for the next two years.

Rosa Maria G. Rojas Espinoza
Women in Mining Arizona Chapter President

Developing Diversity in Mining workshop
Thank you again to our Annual Platinum Sponsor Freeport-McMoRan for their sponsorship!
2019 Recap at a Glance

Total Membership: 184

Q1 Attendance: 110;
Kickoff event in Tucson – Speakers included leadership from WIM USA and a panel of mining professionals.

Q2 Attendance: 76 ;
Leadership Workshop in Tucson with Deborah Himsel

Q3 Attendance: 41 ;
Getting Ideas Heard Workshop at the Arizona Science Center, Phoenix. Dr. Ward and Dr. Solyom were speakers.

Q4 Attendance: 61;
Developing Diversity Workshop at the Arizona SME conference in Tucson

2019 Outreach Events:

Girl Scout Fest (Tucson)

University of Arizona’s Women in Engineering Camp (Tucson)

Caterpillar Introduce a Girl to Mining (Sahuarita)

SciTech Chief Science Officer Leadership Camp – Mining Panel (Phoenix)


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