The Denver Pick and Pen Newsletter – October 2020

Amanda Adams, P.E. PMP
Letter from the Denver Chapter President, Amanda Adams

Happy Halloween to everyone! I hope that everyone is able to celebrate safely and enjoyably, even though this year will look different from many past holidays.

So much to share from the past month! The WIM Board members held a meeting on October 10, hosted by Mariea Kartick. Our Board has been able to successfully combine in-person and online participation in meetings and has also been fortunate with warm weather for our in-person meetings allowing us to meet outdoors and socially distanced. The focus on this meeting was to firm up the plan for the remaining meetings in 2020.

We are also looking at ways to encourage participation in virtual meetings by asking all meeting sponsors to provide door prizes during the monthly meetings. This will take the place of the lunch/dinner that would normally be provided by the meeting sponsor. Thanks to Golder for taking the lead during the September meeting. WIM hosted the October meeting in collaboration with CSM and Newmont will host the November meeting. A guest speaker from resource West Enhanced Evaporation will be the speaker in December. There will be door prize drawings during all virtual meetings; but you must be “present” to win!

The October meeting was truly outstanding. Hats off to our guest speakers Jill Nelson of Brooks and Nelson, Greg Gillian with Stantec and Dan Pearson with Coeur for their fantastic insights into “Knowing Your Value as an Employee”. The three panelists first discussed what criteria, besides salary, they consider when evaluating a job offer. Their answers included an alignment with the company’s values and a fit with the team and management style. Next, they discussed the tactics they used to negotiate their salary. One great tip for new hires is to use  professional publications and internet searches to see what the typical salary range is in a certain location with your background/skill set. Then the panel described a time when they chose to leave a company. They talked about seeking new opportunities and leaving an organization where they did not feel the values of the company aligned with theirs. Jill Nelson talked about her role as a recruiter, and the process that she goes through to identify the “ideal candidate” for a position. It is very important that the company seeking the candidate understands what they are looking for, not just technical skills, but also leadership and management style. Greg Gillian talked about his role in consulting and the qualities he looks for in a new hire, which are different from the skills he looks for in a mid-level or senior hire. For a new hire, skills are much less important than attitude and a desire to continuously learn. Dan Pearson talked about the importance of internal staff developments programs, like they have at Coeur. A good differentiator when assessing different job offers is to ask about these types of internal programs and how you can take part as an employee. Another potential benefit is to ask about continuing education support, such as offsetting costs to pursue an advanced degree. We also heard an outstanding introduction from one of the 2020 WIM Denver Scholarship recipients, Claire Kincaid of Colorado School of Mines.

Even though many of the in-person educational events that we typically support have been cancelled, the Adams County Commissioners’ Career Expo is still taking place in 2020 and will be virtual. We are looking for volunteers to participate in 2 hour time-slots (9 am to 11 am and 1 pm to 2 pm) on November 17 and 18.

Please contact Karen Jass at if you have any interest in participating. We are especially looking for volunteers who are college students or younger professionals!

More information can be found about the Expo here. 

Please enjoy this month’s edition of the Pick and Pen and reach out to me or Kelly Ward if you have any suggested content.

Adams County Commissioners' Career Expo


Congratulations to Heather Lammers – the First SME Board of Directors Intern
Heather Lammers

SME has created a new initiative to create an internship opportunity to current SME members under the age of 40 who have shown interest in becoming SME leaders. Heather, as the first intern selected in this new program, will serve a 2-year term. See the announcement, with more information about Heather, here at Mining Engineering Online.

The Girl Scouts has a new STEM Badge!

Girl Scout Stem Badge

Exciting news out of the Girl Scouts, an organization we have happily supported through the years.

See the announcement here. 

The 2020 MEC Mineral Baby Has Arrived!

2020 MEC Mineral Baby

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