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WIM USA builds an awareness that students play a vital role in the industry’s health and prosperity. Therefore, we seek to inspire current and incoming students and develop the future talent pipeline for the mining-related industries. WIM USA creates a networking place for students to help further their careers and gain a real-world perspective on their major of choice and offers various opportunities through scholarships, mentorship, funded WIM Annual conference attendance, and student chapter events.

Our Student Chapters

Colorado School of Mines

Student Chapter Events

WIM USA provides a fund that covers transport & hotel for two students and one advisor of each student chapter for the Annual Conference, where a mining professional is assigned to each student. The mentoring program gives the opportunity to develop their skills as future leaders in the mining industry while connecting with current women in leadership positions.

Our experienced members collaborate with the student chapters to give resume review sessions. Students are given tips, tricks, and pointers to compile a great resume. Resume review sessions also facilitate the network between students and professional members and connect potential mentors.

Some student chapters bring in virtual and in-person speakers to hear the career story of women industry professionals, the challenges they faced and overcame, and their advice to young professionals. The speaker events play a crucial role for students as it helps students make a connection between what they are learning and the real world.

Take the opportunity to give back to the local community! Student chapters also attend volunteer and outreach events in their college or community where they can share their experiences and inspire the high school students and younger generations to choose mining as a career.


WIM USA supports and awards passionate young professionals on their academic journey. There are multiple scholarships given by our professional chapters.

Job Opportunities

WIM USA helps the next generation of mining to start their careers. Check out the job opportunities from our strategic partners.

Take advantage of all the resources we have to offer!

Career Tips From WIM Professional Members

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