National Quarterly Newsletter – February 2019

Save the Date

Mark your calendars and pass along to all your colleagues and connections!

What: WIM Denver is organizing the 2019 Annual Summit and is looking for sponsorship to help finance this important event, but also to demonstrate the mining industry’s support of Diversity & Inclusion!

When: April 25 – 27th, 2019 in Golden, Colorado at Colorado School of Mines

Theme: “Mile High and World Wide: Diversifying the mining industry’s talent to meet future resource challenges”

Who: Mining Industry Professionals from all business functions, Human Resource Representatives, students, academia, consultants, vendors, operators, men and women, etc. We’re an inclusive organization

The event will spread over three days. Thursday the 25th will be conference style with a mix of panels and speakers, Friday the 25th will be a selection of field trips, and Saturday the 27th is the Annual WIM Meeting. WIM has lined up several executives for Thursday’s panels and presentations on topics related to the business case for diversity, building pipeline of diverse leadership, leadership skills, stories from women executives in mining, how technology of the future of mining will attract the workforce of the future. On Friday will we have two mine tour options. And Saturday we have secured a special guest, President of WIM Canada, Catharine Shaw, who will share her international perspective and help us with our 2019 strategy and planning.

You will not want to miss this event!

Sponsorship opportunities and registration are now open online! We look forward to connecting with you in April!

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Letter from the President


Save the Date for the Annual Meeting


Updates from our Chapters

  • University of Kentucky
  • Denver Chapter
  • Missouri S&T

Letter from the President

Linda Brown – WIM National President

I am excited by the progress WIM National has made! We’ve updated the National By Laws to include a new objective to attract, support and retain diverse minorities in the mining and mineral industries through networking and career skills. This new objective is in addition to our existing ones focused on education of our members and the public about the technical and environmental aspects of mining. New chapters, sponsors and new members are looking for programming around diversity and inclusion, so this change will assist with our growth!

Speaking of growth…Caterpillar added over 40 new members and with the new online membership payment system we’ve added another 40 members across the chapters. We also ratified our newest chapter in Arizona and welcome our newest board members Rosa Maria Rojas and Melanie Lawson. The Arizona Chapter is kicking off with a meeting March 29th at the Hexagon Mining office in downtown Tucson. Be sure to check out the WIM – Arizona chapter page for more details!

In January, we voted to change the name of our “At Large” membership to “USA” which allows us to attract members who do not live near a chapter more easily through common search engines online. Emily King and Liz Diaz, both national board members, are working to build a group of Women in Mining USA members to start “WIMinars” to provide programming for all members. Stay tuned for this exciting development!

Remember that every chapter can use the online event system to post events and receive RSVP’s. Denver is leading the way with an event every month. If your chapter would like to add your events, simply fill in the form called “Submit an Event” and put your chapter in the title. Put the email in the notes for who should receive RSVP’s. And our website volunteers, Cath James from AddOns and Heather Gravning from SME, will post it. Thank you to these two ladies for their work to keep our website up to date!

Make sure to check out the agenda for the Annual Meeting coming up in Arpril! This year, we are featuring a unique opportunity and you will not want to miss it! Be sure to ask your companies to sponsor so we can send even more students this year – Our student representatives receive a scholarship to attend. look forward to seeing you all there and strategizing for the 2019/20 year.

Linda Brown

Updates from our Chapters

University of Kentucky Student Chapter

The University of Kentucky WIM Chapter has been busy with a variety of different events. Late last year, they put together a great

Game Night – UK WIM

social activity for their members: a fun and competitive board game night! With the spirit of competition in the air, four of their members even put together a volleyball team to compete in an intermural tournament. The chapter hopes to continue planning social events and even plans to coordinate a video game night or similar group hangout.

The chapter also joined SME to bid for additional funds at a “Shark Tank” program put on by UK’s College of Engineering. They were graciously granted $250 to put toward a Girl Scouts program.

The chapter has been planning on taking part in industry tours as well. They are looking to put together a tour with Steinhart, which makes separation technology solutions for the scrap, waste, recycling and mining industries, as well as touring the local underground quarry owned by Vulcan Materials.

Great job University of Kentucky!

Missouri S&T Student Chapter

The Missouri S&T Chapter has been buzzing with ideas to continue to spread Miner pride!

The chapter has continued their traditional outreach activities including: distributing mineral identification kits to fourth grade classrooms and teaching them about geology and providing mine tours and explosives demonstrations for fifth grade classes and local Girl and Boy Scout Troops. The Kennedy Experimental Mine building on campus is now in its second year of use and the chapter uses it as an asset for recruiting events. They are truly doing a lot to increase their recruitment and spread knowledge about their program at S&T and the industry in general.

As usual there is a lot going on at their Experimental Mine! Student workers continue to do a lot of drilling and blasting in the Wombat Portal for ongoing NIOSH research. This past summer, an Explosives Summer Camp took place at the experimental mine. This was a two-week long camp where students from across the globe were exposed to fireworks, demolition, rock blasting, and industry tours.

Amazing job to Missouri S&T – They are doing great things to continue to attract and develop the future generation of miners!

Missouri S&T Officers

Denver Chapter

Denver Chapter Meeting

The Denver Chapter continues moving towards supporting women’s careers in mining. They are aligned with the newly adopted objective – “To advance the interests of, attract and retain diverse minorities in the mining and related industries by providing opportunities for networking and professional development” approved by Women in Mining National to be included into the By Laws and Policies and Procedures.

Back in September, the Denver Chapter held it’s first monthly meeting of the season. The meeting was hosted by Resource Capital Funds located in downtown Denver and started off with bit of “mixing and mingling” while attendees enjoyed tapas and drinks (Also known as “networking”). Alicia Polo y La Borda, President of WIM Denver Chapter, and Allison Forrest, Responsible Investment Officer from Resource Capital Funds, were the moderators for the evening. They kicked-off the formal part of the evening with a warm welcome and introduction of our impressive panelists which included: Lois Brooks, retired and Co-Founder at Brooks & Nelson; Cassie Boggs, Partner and General Council at Resource Capital Funds; and Priscilla Nelson, Department Chair of Mining Engineering at Colorado School of Mines. The audience was a mix of new, current, and potential WIM members with both men and women intermingling. Throughout the evening, the panel answered a variety of questions on the topic of the importance of networking including: How has networking changed through the years? What kind of challenges do women face when networking? How has networking helped throughout their careers?

Be on the look out for our next National Quarterly on April 1st! We can’t wait to share all of the great things our chapters have been up to!

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