Member Spotlight: Molly Radwany

Molly Radwany Spotlight

Academic degree(s): BS in Geology from George Washington University, MS in Geology from the University of Minnesota
Current employer: University of Arizona
Current position: Graduate Student
Current position in WIM: Secretary

What is your academic and career background?
I did my BS and MS in geology, and did most of my research on igneous and metamorphic petrology. I’ve worked in environmental consulting, nonprofits, and teaching over the years but never really found a job that felt right for me. I had always been interested in the idea of working in mining and had been applying to those jobs for years without much success. Eventually I up and moved to Arizona; probably 30% of the reason I moved was to try and figure out how to get into the mining industry. I worked at the University of Arizona and took a few classes in the mining department. I got really interested in mineral processing and the more I learned about it I saw so many overlapping concepts with what I had studied as a petrologist. I decided to go back and get another MS in mining engineering with a focus on extractive metallurgy. People think I’m crazy for getting another masters, but I feel really excited about metallurgy and to me this is the best way to get the skills that could lead to a technical job in the field.

What are your favorite tips and tricks to maintain work/life balance?
I definitely do not have this figured out! But in some ways being a parent has helped me, at the end of the day I just need to make sure my kid is happy and safe. In reality, nothing else is as important as that, and if that box is checked, then it really doesn’t seem as big of a deal that the house is a disaster and that I’m behind on assignments.

What attracted you to the mining industry?
It’s goal-driven, and the work you do really can have an impact. I like the idea of working with a team to solve problems.

What inspired you to join Women In Mining? What do you hope to accomplish through WIM?
I joined WIM mostly for the networking opportunities and to learn more about what jobs and companies are out there. I’ve met some awesome people through the WIM AZ chapter, and it’s been a good way to keep a pulse on the industry since I’m somewhat separated from things being in school at this time (and of course because of the pandemic). It’s been great to see so many women who have excelled in their career in mining because we often only hear about how few women there are. I think that WIM helps with the visibility of women in the field, we are small (in numbers) but mighty!

Molly Radwany

Molly Radwany
Recording Secretary
Arizona Chapter of WIM USA

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