Leadership Lab

WIM Leadership Lab

8 customized training modules to support high-potential individuals looking to advance their careers in the mining industry.

Brooks & Nelson

WIM is extending their Professional Development Initiative with Cultivage’s 8-module Leadership Lab. Labs are currently offered bi-annually. The Leadership Lab is the start of a program that WIM is hoping to grow into multiple learning series available for their members. In partnership with Brooks & Nelson and Cultivage, WIM is able to offer the Leadership Lab at a discounted price of $1,500.

The program is designed to support individuals in the mining industry as they transition into leadership roles and assume responsibilities of managing others, advancing business development goals, growing talent within the organization, and overseeing company deliverables.

The curriculum offers an arc of leadership skills that includes strategic communication, direct-report and stakeholder management, team navigation, and conflict management. The sessions are highly interactive and incorporate case-studies with opportunities to put learning into practice. In addition, the latest research on women and leadership is integrated throughout each of the sessions.


Maureen Breeze


Executive / Leadership Coach and Corporate Trainer, Author, Speaker & Facilitator

Leadership Lab Modules

Effective Communication

Content includes building trust & rapport; listening and question-asking skills; creating psychological safety; understanding the audience; making strong communication decisions; and communicating strategically to direct reports, upper management, and clients.

Relationship Management

Content includes stakeholder management with an emphasis on managing up, down, and across the organization; setting expectations and creating aligned agreements; giving and receiving feedback; and handling difficult conversations.

Coaching Skills

Content includes working with direct reports to create alignment; identify goals; establish strategic action plans; and drive motivation and accountability.

Emotional & Social Intelligence for Managers

Content includes managing emotional triggers; handling stress; building resiliency for oneself and one’s direct reports, and reading the social landscape in the workplace.

Conflict Management

Content includes assessing default behaviors when experiencing conflict; learning when and how to use 5 different conflict management strategies, and adopting an outcome-based vs. problem-based approach to conflict.

Team Dynamics

Content includes exploring the arc of team development; leveraging psychological safety for improved performance; honing team communication and team meeting strategies; and developing remote team management practices.

Ownership Mindsets

Content includes understanding how an ownership mindset improves stakeholder relationships and a manager's overall professional capacity; learning strategies to activate ownership in oneself and others; identifying barriers to effective ownership; and clarifying how 'above and below-the-line behaviors' impact ownership.

Influence, Negotiation & Inspired Leadership

Content includes moving from subject matter expert to team leader; learning to influence and create team ‘buy-in’, and stepping into new leadership roles.

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