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MSHA’s “Stand Down to Save Lives”

MSHA's "Stand Down to Save Lives" Initiative
WIM USA proudly supports MSHA's "Stand Down to Save Lives" initiative on May 17th, aimed at promoting safety and health in the mining industry.

Many accidents can be prevented with just a few minutes – or seconds – of precaution. Stand Down to Save Lives is an opportunity for mine owners and operators to share safety measures that can prevent injuries and deaths. Host a toolbox talk, a discussion on common hazards, conduct workplace and equipment examinations, or provide longer training sessions. 

This event encourages mine owners and operators to collaborate and identify ways to eliminate hazards that can cost miners their lives. Like MSHA, we believe it's crucial for the mining community to come together and prioritize safety.

By standing united, we can ensure that all miners return home safely to their loved ones. Join WIM USA and MSHA in making a difference for the future of mining safety.


Wed, May 17 2023


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