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Distinguished Service Award

Honoring the contributions & achievements in the mining industry.

Eligibility and Criteria

A nominee being considered for the Distinguished Service Award should have given consistent, continuous service and have made a major contribution to the betterment of WIM and the minerals industry. The DSA is presented only once to any individual. Previous Hall of Fame recipients are eligible for the DSA due to significant change in the eligibility criteria, and the subsequent retiring of the Hall of Fame Award. The following categories may be considered in the selection process, including but not limited to: membership solicitation, new chapter formation, education, professionalism, public relations, financial, or legal. 

WIM USA has specific requirements for nomination of the Distinguished Service Award. Please adequately describe how your nominee has:

  1. Given outstanding and consistent service to WIM USA for at least 2 years.
  2. Made a major contribution towards WIM USA.
  3. Shown strong leadership skills and supports WIM USA programs and projects.
  4. Impacted and influenced beyond their responsibilities as an officer or committee chair.



Please provide the following information for the person you are nominating for the DSA.
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