Starting a New Chapter

Starting a Chapter of WIM In Your Community Or At Your School

We want to help you start a new chapter either in your community or at your school. If you live in an area with mining industry, why not start a chapter? You will bring together like-minded individuals concerned about the future of mining, are anxious to educate themselves and others in their community on the benefits of mining as well support women and men in their mining careers.

Are you a student in a mining or mining related field?
A Student Chapter of WIM can be organized at any educational institution of higher learning that has an existing program in a technical area associated with minerals and mining, and where there is sufficient student enrollment and interest. Student Chapters are sponsored by a local WIM Chapter, which may or may not be in the same state as you.

Benefits In Starting a WIM Chapter In Your Community

Build a place for mining professionals to network, learn and share their experiences.

Offer educational programs to your community supported by the Women in Mining Educational Foundation programs.

Raise money to provide scholarships to students in mining programs in your local universities to promote more early career professionals.

Bring in speakers to share both the history of mining, new technology and techniques and soft skills much needed in our work environments.

Benefits In Starting a WIM Student Chapter

WIM has a Scholarship Fund that covers transport & hotel for 2 students and 1 advisor to travel to the national meeting (location varies). You will grow your network, participate in decision making meetings, and learn about mining operations.

A WIM Student Chapter provides opportunities for more students to be involved in a club that promotes diversity and inclusion – a BIG resume builder!

It provides an opportunity to give back to the local community by holding volunteer events where you teach the younger generations about mining.

Our new mentoring program will give students the opportunity to develop their skills as a future leader in the mining industry while connecting with current women in leadership positions.


Community members interested in starting a new chapter should fill out the interest form and someone from WIM will contact you.

Student Chapters must have a Faculty Counselor as well as a WIM Chapter sponsor, both of whom will assist in bringing professionals and students together, and provide support and guidance.

The request for affiliation will be reviewed by the WIM sponsor and a recommendation regarding affiliation will be made to the WIM National Executive Board. The Student Chapter will be notified of the board’s decision.

If you’re interested, our Bylaws are here in a PDF you can download and review before signing up.


Our inquiry form is brief and will only take a minute or two to fill out and submit.