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About the BRIMM Microcertificate: Economic Leadership

Since 2020, the Bradshaw Research Institute for Minerals and Mining (BRIMM) at the University of British Columbia (UBC) has been offering classes toward a Microcertificate in Economic Leadership. The 4-month, 4- course program teaches core business skills for interacting with major technological, economic, and sustainable innovations inside the mining industry. The programming is unique, and is based on live discussion and debate. Taught by experienced professionals from the mining industry, it teaches how to structure and present an economic case for projects using sustainability, mineral processing, exploration and financial modeling tools.

BRIMM has had 69 graduates receive the Executive Microcertificate in Economic Leadership in Mining. The program has had huge success in the minerals and mining industry and has awarded more than 500 scholarships to students across 49 countries.

BRIMM has a commitment to diversity, inclusivity and equity in both academic and corporate spaces. The program seeks to increase enrollment for historically disadvantaged communities, including women, people of color, indigenous descendants, tribal descendants, and people with disabilities. The team believes that by advocating for gender equity and local empowerment, the program increases the enrollment of historically marginalized professionals in the industry.

For more information on the Microcertificate program: https://brimm.ubc.ca/welcome-to-brimm-mining-education-at-ubc/

30 Scholarships Available for BRIMM 101 at UBC

WIM Scholarships for the BRIMM Microcertificate: Economic Leadership program

In the spring of 2021, BRIMM and WIM USA partnered to offer scholarships internationally.  Nearly 60 scholarships were given to provide opportunity to WIM members from five continents.

Again in early 2023, BRIMM and WIM USA teamed together and promoted scholarships internationally for the spring program.  BRIMM awarded 150 scholarships of which 47% went to women.

In support of the 2023 WIM USA Annual Conference, the BRIMM team attended the Tucson, AZ meeting that had a record-breaking 400+  attendees.  The team hosted a Professional Development session that presented the Introduction to Mineral and Exploration Economics – also known as BRIMM 101.

WIM USA looks forward to a continuing alliance with BRIMM in offering this unique programming to WIM members internationally.


SCHOLARSHIPS ARE NOT BEING OFFERED AT THIS TIME – Please check back in December 2023 for scholarship opportunities for the January 2024 BRIMM Course offerings.

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