Mining Hall of Fame

The National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum

The National Mining Museum and Hall of Fame
"A memorial for men and women who achieved lasting greatness in the mining and natural resource environment."

The National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum is located in Leadville, Colorado. The organization was incorporated in 1977 and moved into the historic former Leadville Junior High school/Leadville High School in 1987. Since that time, the facility has grown into an award-winning facility, including ranking in the Top 10 Museums in Colorado in 2015.

As of September 2019, 248 men and women have been inducted. A dedication at the entrance to the Hall of Fame, expressed by R.A. “Red” Fenwick:

“To ignite a torch from the blazing chapters of mining and prospecting history, with which to illuminate the lives and heroic deeds of men and women who pioneered the development of this vastly rich empire, and thus to encourage and inspire future generations of young Americans. It is to the proper honor and perpetuation of the memories of these pioneers of mining industry today, that the National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum is dedicated.”

R.A. “Red” Fenwick

Nominees for the Hall of Fame must be a candidate that has had an impact upon the mining industry for 30 years, or be at least 55 years of age. Considerations is given to a wide selection of specialties within the industry. For more information, visit The National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum website.

Prazen Living Legend of Mining Award

As described by the National Mining Museum and Hall of Fame:
Gary Prazen was passionate about preserving mining history and did so through his art. Recognized as the most prolific and renowned sculptor of mining subjects in bronze, his body of work is synonymous with mining. His pieces are on display around the globe in museums, corporate offices, private collections, and in numerous commissioned public space memorials.

In 1995, Gary established the Prazen Living Legend of Mining Award, a 28-inch bronze miner to be presented each year, in perpetuity, by the National Mining Hall of Fame in recognition of significant contributions of individuals, groups, or companies that increase awareness and understanding of what the mining industry means to all of us and about the vital role the miner plays in our daily lives. The “public” is defined as the United States public at large- all members of society with a focus on policy makers; educators; and students.

Female Inductees to the Mining Hall of Fame
Notable organizations and female Awardees of the Prazen Living Legend of Mining Award

The Prazen Living Legend of Mining award has included both individuals and organizations. WIM USA is proud to note that in 1998 WIM was recognized with this award. In addition, in 2014 Pamela A.K. Wilkinson was given the award.

  • 1998 Women in Mining
  • 2014 Pamela A.K. Wilkinson

To be eligible for the award, an individual or entity must have demonstrated ongoing, innovative programming/work educating the public about the critical role of the mineral and mining industry to our everyday lives. The work should have enhanced society’s view of mining and generated understanding of the relationship mining has to every aspect of modern-day life.

Guidelines for nominating an individual or organization for the Prazen Living Legend of Mining Award can be found here.