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Distinguished Service Award


In 1984 Women In Mining National established a “Hall of Fame” Award. This award was presented for several years before being changed to the Distinguished Service Award.

Program Objective

The objective of the DSA is to stimulate growth of the mining industry and Women in Mining (WIM) by recognizing the achievements and contributions that have been made to WIM and the industry by individuals who are identified as a valuable resource, by providing guidance, stimulating growth and supporting programs and projects undertaken by WIM National. The award is presented during the annual National Convention held in the spring of the following year, i.e., the award given for the 1989 year was presented in 1990. There cannot be more than three awarded in a single year.


Past or present members of WIM, having a minimum of three (3) years’ membership, who have given outstanding service to the National Organization are eligible. For further information on nominations please contact [email protected]

Selection Criteria

A nominee being considered should have given consistent, continuous service and have made a major contribution to the betterment of WIM and the minerals industry. The DSA is to be presented only once to any individual. Previous Hall of Fame recipients are eligible for the DSA due to significant change in the eligibility criteria, and the subsequent retiring of the Hall of Fame Award. The following categories may be considered in the selection process, but the process is not limited to these alone: membership solicitation, new Chapter formation, education, professionalism, public relations, financial, or legal. Serving as an Officer or Committee Chair(s) and performing associated responsibilities–that is, doing one’s job–does not qualify an individual for this award.

Hall of Fame Recipients


1984Maxine StewartDenver
1985Ruth FosterDenver
1986Lois BrooksDenver
1987Debbie SchumacherKentuckianio
1988Betty McCannOhio

Distinguished Service Award Recipients


1989Susan WingfieldWashington, DC
1990Patricia KemperDenver
1991Shirley EvansWinnemucca
1991Barbara PikeOhio
1992Debbie SchumacherKentuckianio
1994Linda BaggottSt. Louis
1994Robert ShanksSt. Louis
1995Carol SheppardWashington, DC
1995Arloa WoolfordWinnemucca
1996Caroleta ColbornOhio
1997Jackie DorrDenver
1997Phyllis A. LydayWashington, DC
1997Betty ValleyBattle Mountain
1998General Richard LawsonWashington, DC
1998Melissa WillardOhio
1998Suzan HanelWinnemucca
1999Scotty NormanBattle Mountain
2000Maureen LennonCalifornia
2001Vikki MichalskiOhio
2002Dinah ShumwayCalifornia
2003Karen JassDenver
2004Sally McLeodBattle Mountain
2004Sharon KirtsDenver
2005joyce Pulliam-FitzgeraldCalifornia
2007Betty PetersCalifornia
2007Denise TalvitieCalifornia
2008Susan YadonNevada
2010Christine JohnstonDenver
2010Stephen TibbalsNevada