A Historic Alliance Agreement between WIM USA and MSHA

The agreement will provide WIM USA members, as well as the Education Foundation of WIM USA (WIMEF), with access to information, technical assistance, guidance, and training resources that will help them promote diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace practices. It will also aid in protecting miners’ safety and health, a critical aspect of the mining industry.

The signing ceremony was attended by WIM USA’s President Ashley Chancellor and Vice President Julia Potter, alongside MSHA’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for Operations Patricia Silvey and Assistant Secretary Christopher Williamson. Several members of MSHA’s leadership team were also in attendance.

This alliance agreement is a significant step towards promoting inclusivity in the mining industry. With the collaboration of WIM USA and MSHA, we can expect to see more progress in the future. It is also fitting that this agreement was signed during Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate the achievements of women and their contributions to society.

Read MSHA’s post about the signing of this alliance. 

WIM USA - MSHA Alliance Agreement is signed

We owe special thanks to Megan Lavage from MSHA and Judy Bolis from Women in Mining Denver/USA for their dedication and hard work in making this historic agreement a reality. We look forward to continued communication and collaboration between WIM USA and MSHA.

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