“100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining” 2018 Edition

WIM Top 100 - Resa Furey

Resa Furey is a WIM Denver Chapter member and has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Women In Mining of 2018!

“Resa entered the mining industry with a marketing and communications background. She is a sustainability champion who has distinguished herself in the area of water management. Resa is an organizer and a driving force behind Mine Water Solutions, a conference devoted to improving the sustainable use of water at mines. She has led an initiative to benchmark the global state of alternative tailing disposal practices and the water savings that result from these methods. She has also published widely on water management, reuse and chemical mass balance in mining.

“A gifted communicator with a number of languages to draw from, Resa acts as an ambassador both within the industry and outside of mining. She regularly reaches out to young women and encourages them to pursue an education, embrace STEM and seek their futures in the mining industry.

“I’m inspired by women and men who leverage their privilege to make opportunities available for women and people with diverse backgrounds,” she says. “Doing this shows that we believe an empowered future for all women is possible.”

Read the full press release and list of the Top 100 Women In Mining 2018 Edition.

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